Mathew Genesis line of compound bows for youth hunters

Mathew Genesis bows are designed for beginning hunters. Youth hunters will enjoy the Genesis bows for their great feel and wide variety of colors available. Parents like the Mathews Genesis bows because they feature adjustable draw weights and lengths so they don’t have to replace the bows as the hunter grows. >

All Mathews Genesis compound bows have no specific draw length requirements so any hunter can use these bows. With composite limbs and an aluminum idle wheel the Genesis line of bows make shooting a breeze. If you’ve ever been discouraged by youth bows before, the Mathews youth compound bows will give you an enjoyable shooting experience. Currently three different models of Mathew Genesis compound bows are made the Original Genesis, the Mini Genesis, and the Genesis Pro. All of the Genesis line of bows can be purchased in a starter kit containing: 5 aluminum arrows, color coordinated belt quiver, color coordinated arm guard, two target faces, and an informative owner’s manual.

Mathews Original Genesis Bows

The Mathew Original Genesis bow measures 35.5- axle-to-axle and has a draw length of up to 30- making it ideal for younger or less powerful hunters. The Original Genesis shoots like a 35 lbs laminated recurve bow but with only 20 lbs of holding weight needed. With an overall weight of 2.95 lbs and zero let-off these bows are great for the little hunter in your family. Available in Blue Raspberry, Key Lime, Wild Berry, Red Cherry, Lemon Yellow, Camouflage, Pink Lemonade and Orange there is sure to be a color that suits your personality.

Mathew Mini Genesis Bows

The Mathews Mini Genesis bow is designed to help the youth hunter in your family that might be a little too weak for the full size Genesis bow. The Mini Genesis features a draw weight of 6 to 12 lbs. so the little guy or gal in your family can still practice their shot before the big first hunt. The axle-to-axle on this compound bow is 29 1/8-. The zero let-off feature -lifts- the string from the fingers, making it easier for your youth hunter to shoot. The Mini Genesis is offered in five different colors: Blue Raspberry, Red Cherry, Camouflage, Pink Lemonade and Black Licorice.

Mathew Genesis Pro Bow

Mathews Genesis Pro compound bow is a step up from the Original Genesis with a higher draw weight and a larger clearance area for centershot adjustments. The draw weight on this compound bow is 15 to 25 lbs while still maintaining an overall bow weight of less than 3 lbs. The Genesis Pro comes in three different colors: black licorice, red cherry and chrome.

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