Unexpected Benefits of Exercising

Most of the people who live in modern times rarely do sports.

These people tend to be sedentary than physical activity. Whereas an inactive lifestyle increases the risk of death in a person when exercise is not as heavy as one might imagine.

According Specialist Doctors Sports, Andi Kurniawan quite 150 minutes per week, divided into five days a week each for 30 minutes is good.
If you exercise regularly at least four benefits gained:
1. Heart health
People who exercise meurunkan risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

2. Bone Health
Increase bone mass and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

3. Metabolism
When a person is exercising regularly makes it reduces the risk of diabetes and hypercholesterolemia.

4. Healthy mentally
At the time of exercise, the body secretes endorphins or natural morphine is often called. Thus making the person stressed. Therefore he suggested when someone is feeling stressed, try to walk a little bit to reduce it. Even improve concentration and self-confidence.

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Tips To Stay Can Exercise Even moderate rain

For those of you who like to exercise outdoors, morning, afternoon or evening certainly feel disappointed if it rains at the time. You feel the rain a barrier to exercise. In fact, scientists say that we can also work when it rains.

There are several things you can do if you want to exercise on a rainy day:

1. What should be used

Experts suggest that you not use excessive clothing during exercise in the rain. If the rain is cold, choose several layers that can keep you warm when running. Make sure your clothes made from polypropylene ultimate in avoiding your body of water. Many of the runners who find it helpful to wear a brimmed hat. Because it can reduce the water will hit the face.

2. What to avoid

Do not wear waterproof raincoat, because it will make you stuck in the humidity and heat. It can make you uncomfortable when running in the rain.

Wet your clothes are layered requires you to wear clothing that is too much. Because of his wet clothes will feel wet and can be loosened.

3. Security measures

Motorists have limited visibility in rainy conditions. It is important to ensure that you can be seen by motorists. Use something light, can raincoats or other device so that the driver can see you. Walk on the right side and observe your surroundings.

4. Other Considerations

To prevent friction, use body lotion to provide moisture on the skin area that is easily scratched or irritated. Additionally, store all your electronic device to avoid water damage.

Well, that was some important info for you who like to exercise and do not worry even though it was raining.
Stay Healthy Living With Sport.

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